'Into The Woodlands' Emerald Magazine

Emerald magazine is a fashion magazine published in the US and UK to promote the beauty and creativity that is hidden within our countries. Photographers from around these two areas come together to work with a team full of talented designers, models and make up artists to produce work that is visually stunning. Emerald takes pride in giving everyone an equal opportunity to showcase their work and further their career. This magazine, like many others, contains beautiful images from all different styles that will impress others you show!

Fashion Designer: Linda Blissett

Photographer: Bristy Pagli Rajkonna

MUA: Shahida Alom, Millenna Gonzalez-Thompson

Headpieces: Natacha Valde

Models: Samanta Tamang, Giorgia Sacco, Rebecca Sibthorpe, Tamara Sharpe

Emerald Magazine, August 2016

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